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"Eliminating Paralyzing Self-Perceived Limitations"


Kitsap Rescue Mission to relocate to Midway Inn, with longtime motel residents fearing eviction

County moves Kitsap Rescue Mission shelter to Quality Inn

Eviction concerns still loom over some Midway residents



The three E’s

  • “Empowering Students”
  • “Embracing Change”
  • “Encouraging Diversity”

Deborah Moore Jackson, a native of Bremerton, Washington, comes from a family of 13 who was raised by a single mother; she assisted in the upbringing of her brothers and sisters. With these life style skills and accomplishments, she is determined to give back to society. Deborah has a wealth of experience on how to assist people in changing their negative course that they may be on. Her proven formula can help propel people to maximize their potential, turn their setbacks into comebacks, and rise above the competition heading well into the 21st century. 

Deborah Moore Jackson has been involved with such community programs as the National Association of Advancement of Color People (NAACP). She has also been involved with New Life, a non-profit organization here in Bremerton, Washington and, since 2004, with Washington Families United as well. Deborah has worked with the Bremerton School, Central Kitsap School, Pierce County School and Evergreen Public Schools to ensure that students graduate on time through a credit retrieval program. She is an Individual Education Program Advocate (IEP) for special needs children, a court advocate and a family unification advocate (Child Protective Services/Child Welfare).

Deborah Moore Jackson is a successful entrepreneur.  She has started two professional organizations.  The first of which, Surviving Change “Eliminating Paralyzing-Self Perceived Limitation”, focused on helping individuals remove their self-crippling behaviors. Character of self-Superficial, our artificial perceptions of ourselves, eliminating those self-placed restrictions and constraints. The second, Starting Over, “Removing barriers So You Can Move Forward”, focused on remitting legal financial obligations, vacating criminal records and drivers’ license retrieval.  In 2019 Partnering with the Naval Fleet Logistics Center (Naval Supply Center), Deborah was able to help 30 women of color gain employment with NAVSUP under their direct hire program at Bangor Submarine Base and Keyport. Deborah also ran for mayor in Bremerton the first black women to run for that seat.

Additionally, Deborah has started four community organizations.  Hope 360 is a Christmas give-away supporting needy families during the Christmas season for the past 11 years.  In 1987 she started the DebraTron Community Drill Team and the D.T. Guards with the support of the Bangor Base Marines.  When she relocated to Oklahoma, she continued doing drill team for the community, starting The ElectroNette’s of Oklahoma.  Upon her return to Bremerton, WA. She once again started a drill team, “The Jagazz High Steppers Drill Team and Drum Line”.   Deborah has over 30 years of experience of drill team experience children age ranging from 3 years old to 25 years old. Also the start the Washington State African American Achievement Award’s which inspired many across the state of Washington.

Deborah graduated from college receiving her A.S. in Substance Abuse Studies, B.A. in Sociology/Substance Abuse Studies and M.A. in Criminal Justice Management and Administration from the University of Central Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University. She has also counseled individuals in Drug & Alcohol Abuse. She is a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Upsilon Theta Omega Chapter, of Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Deborah is also a member of the Oklahoma Drug and Alcohol Professional Counselors of America, a lifetime member of the National Sociology Honors Society, and Toast Master of Tacoma, Washington “Babbling Knights”. Deborah also was the Mascot for West High School in Bremerton, Washington (The Wildcat).

Deborah Moore Jackson has received numerous awards over the many years for her public service work. She was awarded from Governor Keating of Oklahoma for her business and employees for being the first at the Oklahoma Muriel Building bombing to assist those injured. She also received an award from Dr. Clara Luper (a well re-known Civil Rights Activist) for the Sit-Ins in Oklahoma honoring Deborah Jackson for “Excellence” in running a feeding program for over a hundred senior citizens in the Oklahoma City community. In addition, she was also recognized by Dr. Clara Luper for her bravery in the Oklahoma Bombing. As a Washington State Contractor of DSHS, Deborah received a letter of recognition from Secretary of State Deputy Chard for being the State best contractor reengaging their WorkSource workers back into society.  She took a small contract and found meaning and purpose, a contract that was not successful across the state, and made it successful for the Department of Social and Health Services clients.  Deborah has received recognition for her Commitment to Service from Emmanuel’s Apostolic Church Education Department and an NAACP Award for her community service work.

To fully detail her vast amount of experience and qualifications, and her community service we would have to write a book. She is a strong activist in our community in her unwavering support to end homelessness recidivism. Down in our capital in Olympia, Washington they named her the Maverick of Kitsap County.

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